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The profile of an online bingo player


The profile of an online bingo player

Today, there are more people than ever before who play bingo online. The original game of bingo that has been played in bingo halls for generations used to have a reputation for attracting only the older section of the population, but it’s very different with online bingo.

The fact is that there is no longer a typical profile of a bingo player – at least not when they’re playing online at sites like People of all ages, from all walks of life, sign up and become regular players on bingo sites around the world.

It’s a great game for people who are at home during the day, and this includes people who have retired and young moms too. The convenience of being able to play a few games of bingo whenever the mood takes you is what makes is so universally popular. When you have small children who take naps, that’s the perfect time for you to get your ‘eyes down’ and play a couple of games of bingo. For people who are at home during the day, online bingo can be a social lifeline as you can get chatting to the other players of the same game in the bingo chat rooms. Whenever you need company and want something to play at the same time, online bingo’s the ideal solution. At 32Red, the most popular room is the Friendship Lounge. It attracts the highest numbers of players, and many of them spend more time chatting than watching their numbers!

And it’s a game that fits in well with anyone’s coffee break – wherever they are. If you’re a busy exec at work, you can take five on your mobile playing some online bingo at your desk. Even better for those boring commutes to and from the office. There’s nothing better to make the time fly by than a few rounds of bingo, and you never know, you may end the journey with a little bit of a profit from playing bingo!

Online bingo’s a great game to play when you’re waiting for friends in a bar and they’re late. Most bingo sites like 32Red offer a choice of different games that can be played on a mobile, including bingo, slots and often a couple of table games too. As well as playing at the beginning of a night out, there are many players who play a few rounds of bingo when they get in, but don’t feel ready to go to bed. That’s why bingo games are scheduled to run around the clock on most of the sites – that way, there’s always a game about to start.

With online bingo offering such good value and convenient entertainment, it’s not surprising why so many different types of people enjoy playing this game.

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