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How about some Tennis Bingo


How about some Tennis Bingo?

Bingo calls are great - and they are part of the great Bingo tradition. However, for those of us who enjoy getting our "eyes down" online, perhaps they are getting a little dated for the modern age? In order to spice things up, we have decided to pair famous tennis players with their respective bingo calls.

One of the most famous calls, "Legs 11", surely has to go to Maria Sharapova. The six-foot-two Russian beauty has legs that never seem to end and, while her tennis is good, her legs are certainly the main attraction.

Rafael Nadal's phenomenal return from injury certainly earns him the moniker of number five, "Man Alive".

Nadal missed most of 2012 and the early stages of this season through injury; however, he has since recovered to win the French and US Open.

Many believed Nadal was on the way out due to his weak knees but Nadal has returned better than ever; this really is a man alive. Betfair have Nadal as second favourite for the 2014 Australian Open.

Number 13 "Unlucky for Some" surely has to go to perpetual loser, Tim Henman. Four times did we see "Tiger Tim" make it to the semi-finals of Wimbledon and lose.

The 2001 semi-final against Goran Ivanisevic was particularly unlucky as he was 2-1 up on sets and two points away from victory until the rain started pouring down. After the rain delay, Ivanisevic recovered and won the match.

Dustin Brown's swashbuckling performance against Leyton Hewitt at Wimbledon 2013 was truly spectacular; the six-foot-five giant dived around the court and after winning the first set broke into spontaneous dance. Brown is the personification of 35, "Jump and Jive".

Meanwhile, 71 "Bang on the Drum" is awarded to Cliff Richard for his memorable roof rousing performance at Wimbledon 1996 when play was delayed due to rain.

Finally number 90 "Top of the Shop" can only go to one man, Roger Federer. With 17 Grand Slam titles, Federer is a perennial favourite in the Betfair odds, and deserves his place at the "Top of the Shop".

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